Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nabi- Pastel Misty Swatch

Hey, here is another swatch post. I purchased this beautiful mint green polish at a boutique in Town Center Mall for only $10.00tt. There were a variety of pastel and vibrant polishes, I just wanted to  get them all but I resisted the temptation and purchased only one. The polish has a thick formula so it is opaque with on coat, when I applied a second it got bumpy. Also I love the packaging. I will defiantly be purchasing more polishes from this brand. Here are some photos.

                                                  What do you think of the polish?
                                                    Are you into the pastel trend?


  1. lovely colour! if you every remember the name of the store, please tell me! thanks

  2. Thanks, I wish I could remember the name for you. When I go back I will surely find out. In town centre mall on Frederick street, the nail polishes are displayed right in front of the store, it's hard to miss it.