Saturday, December 3, 2011

LA Colors

Hey everyone. Yesterday I bought LA Colors Color Craze Palm Tree for $15.00 tt. It was my first time trying out that brand and I absolutely love it. The colour is quite beautiful it's a bright green.It was opaque with only one coat and dried quickly so I am defiantly going to buy more colours from that brand. Here are some pictures..

This is the nail polish without topcoat

Applied a coat of China Glaze Crackle over it.

Welcome to Trini Beauty

Hello i'm Jada' and I am from Trinidad. Welcome to Trini Beauty. I created this blog because I want to showcase things that I find beautiful, unique and that inspire me everywhere I go and in the things I do. Please stay tuned because I have lots of fantastic ideas for posts.

Bye for now- Jada'