Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Nail polish Wishlist

Happy New year. New year, new nail polish. Here are some nail polishes that I hope to get within this new year.

                  Color Club- backstage pass                              
                 Color Club- new bohemian
                 Color Club- Space case 
              China Glaze Urban Night 

           China Glaze – electric pineapple
                  Milani- tip toe pink    

            Milani holographic nail polish                                          

             Milani- paradise pink  
                     La girl metal - obsidian                       
                China Glaze- something sweet             

                 China Glaze- pool party
Kleancolor- holographic        
China glaze- refresh mint
China Glaze peachy keen                    
China Glaze- light as air
China glaze- for Audrey
China glaze- emerald sparkle                                     

Color club- poptastic


  1. Hi Jada, I got China glaze's for audrey and peachy keen from Wonderful World. Pennywise has some Color Club.
    I'm looking out for the Milani holographic ones too!

  2. Thanks I will defiantly look for them when I go to Wonderful world and Pennywise. I know for sure that Wonderful World in Trincity mall has the Milani Holographic saw them the last time I was there.